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We want to make healthier eating easier and delicious. We are a team of passionate cooks creating a variety of all organic, mostly plant based and gluten free, fully prepared meals, snacks, sides, desserts and more. We support local Colorado agriculture and eco-friendly packaging materials. Our goal is to create a healthier and happier world, community, and you.

How it works

We take what is local and in season and whip up some super yummy things to eat - fully prepared dinners, sides, snacks, desserts etc. You sign up for our weekly menu email to see what we are offering. We send out the menu Friday and Sunday mornings - orders are due by Sunday night. We deliver to you Tuesday to your home or office. You take home and enjoy.

Quality ingredients

Our kitchen is 100% organic, and mostly plant based and gluten free. We use a variety of locally grown crops such as fruits, veggies, squash, mushrooms, herbs, and spices. We like using whole and nutrient dense ingredients to nourish your body, and use magic to make it taste amazing. Our chefs have backgrounds in Nutritional Sciences and Natural Food Cooking.


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