Daydream Dessert Co is a 100% organic, plant-based dessert company in Boulder, CO. Starting at the Boulder Farmer's Market, Daydream Dessert products are now sold in many cafes and grocery markets across the country, as well as their online shop. Offering raw cacao candy bars, raw cheezecakes, raw chocolates, raw energy balls, baked cookies and more, their products are highly satisfying and made from whole, nutrient dense ingredients, and lots of love.

The Super Market and Daydream Dessert Co. are sister companies, both founded by Emma Nelson.



Michael Hall is the brew-master behind Mystic Jun and a super cool dude.  Michael’s been keeping bees for 25 years, using his raw honey, fruits, and super foods to make the Jun, a lifegiving drink that boost your immune system and supports a healthy gut. Michael brews his Jun in small batches here in Boulder and sells it to local shops.

Each enchanting flavor contain live cultures, and are non-dairy, non-GMO, Gluten Free and Beegan (Vegan except honey).



McCauley Family Farms is located at the base of the Foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Boulder County. Our amazing 40 acre irrigated farm, from natural high mountain snow melt, integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions. We grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, medicines, flowers, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, while specializing in bio-regionally adapted seeds, underutilized native food species, and forgotten Old World cultivars. We aim to nourish our community while replenishing the soil. Working as a demonstration farm, we offer unique programs, classes, volunteer opportunities, events. We hope that you will discover the same joy and passion for farming and food that we hold when you come out to visit.

McCauley Farms crafts a variety of fermented vegetables, live fermented hot sauce (Picaflor), and hot pepper flakes from local Boulder farms, that pair well with our prepared meals! They have a stand at the Boulder County Farmer's Market and Picaflor Hot Sauces and Pepper Flakes can be found in many local Whole Foods, Lucky's, Natural Grocers and other markets.



Picaflor Live Culture.JPG


Wonder is a 100% organic, cold-pressed juice and nut milk shop located in Boulder, Colorado. We believe that food has the power to transform your life. This healing force lives in the raw, carefully pressed and unadulterated juice coming from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs. Our juice is never pasteurized, never pressure-processed (HPP) and always served to you in a glass bottle. Each bottle consists of several pounds of produce and is packed with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

More than just a juice shop, our aim is not only to help our customers flourish and live healthy, vital lives but to also support local, organic farmers and provide an enlivening social space for the community

Located at 946 Pearl St Boulder, Co 80302



"Seed Ranch Flavor Co. creates sophisticated flavors to make everyday meals extraordinary. We hand select quality, honest, fresh ingredients and blend, stir, and simmer every sauce to its truest perfection here in foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We believe that fresh, non-gmo, organic, and plant based ingredients make for better food. But don't take our word for it, let your taste buds decide for themselves!"

Find Seed Ranch at the Boulder Farmer's Market.



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First Fruits Organic Farm

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