Rasa Koffee- Ground

Rasa Koffee- Ground


Ground Rasa is super quick and convenient to make in a french press!

Dark, rich, roasty & smooth with a hint of cinnamon.

The same formula as the whole option in convenient pre-ground form.

8 oz bag

10-15 min. brew time
30+ servings/bag

Preparation: Brew 10+ mins in a French press, or any coffee maker that uses pressure, like a Moka pot, espresso machine, or Keurig (with reusable K-cups). Not suitable for use in normal drip coffee makers (Rasa needs more time—or pressure!—to extract the goodness out of the herbs.)

All Organic Ingredients: Roasted chicory, burdock, & dandelion roots; eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, ashwagandha, chaga mycelium, rhodiola, Ceylon cinnamon, reishi. All obsessively sustainable and organic 

GROUND Rasa is for you if...

...convenience and speediness are your top priority!

  • you need convenience—we get it, life is full! Ground Rasa is faster and more convenient than Whole Rasa.

  • you’re replacing your coffee ritual—ritual is important, and Ground Rasa brews beautifully in a French press, Moka pot, or espresso machine (or tea pot, in a pinch).

  • you’d love to brew Rasa with your java—Ground Rasa adds a delicious and nourishing boost to coffee. Just add the proportion of Rasa you want to your French press, and add your coffee 5 mins later!

Like coffee, most people prefer Rasa with something creamy.
Delish hot or cold, Bulletproofed, or brewed with coffee.

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